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Summer Bucket List With Printable!

  • 1 min read

Yay it's officially summer! Do you spend your winters, like me, dreaming of all the fun things you'll do once summer comes? If you're also like me you probably get to the end the of the summer and realize you did like 2 of the things you actually wanted to do! 

Enter: The Summer Bucket List! 

If you take an hour to sit down with your kids and your spouse you can map out all the things you want to do this summer and ACTUALLY get to do them! Your bucket list can be simple and filled with things that cost no money or you can get a little wild and throw some big things on it! That's why we created you this beautiful Summer Bucket List printable and left it blank, so you can customize it to what works for your family! 

Looking for some ideas to add to your list? Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Water balloon fight 
  • A day fishing at local game lands 
  • DIY Sidewalk paint 
  • A hike at a local park 
  • Backyard campout 
  • Have a lemonade stand 
  • Head to a local splash pad 
  • Ride a rollercoaster 
  • Go to the water park 
  • Take a family bike ride 
  • Learn 1 new skill 

The options are endless! Make sure to leave a comment and tell us some of your summer bucket must haves!