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Summer Snack Survival

  • 2 min read
The only thing worse than hearing "I'm bored" in the summer is hearing " I'm hungry". I swear, summer hits and my kids grow a second stomach. They want all the snacks, at all the times! Seriously what is with it?! I know I'm not alone because I hear moms complaining about the same thing everyday! So today I'm sharing some summer snack survival tips.

Take Inventory

My first tip is to take inventory of what you already have. Check your freezer and pantry and see what you have. When I did this at the start of summer I found 4 bags of frozen nuggets that had been lost in the freezer ibis. 

My most important snack rule
Okay before you read this and panic hear me out. I have a rule in the house that no prepackaged snacks are allowed to be eaten. I might grab some if we have a trip coming or a really busy day of errands. BUT under no circumstance are they allowed to be eaten when we are home. Maybe it sounds a little harsh but prepackaged snacks cost SO MUCH. Instead I buy our favorite snacks like pretzels, carrots, raisins, whatever and package them myself. You can reuse plastic baggies to cut down on waste but you will save SO MUCH! 
Set our a tray with snacks for the day. 
I can't take credit for this, I saw it on Facebook, BUT it's genius. A mom bought a pre-portioned tray and put all the snacks her kids got for a day on there. If they ate them all before lunch then there was no more snacks! It teaches your kids to take some control and it saves you a headache. Obviously we aren't going to starve our kids they'll still get their normal meals but I thought this was amazing for snacks. 
Those are my 3 big tips for summer snack survival. I promise if you add some into your life, you'll hear "I'M HUNGRY" a lot less this summer. Share any of your tips below in the comments!