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What Is a Homeschool Coop and Should You Join One?

  • 2 min read
When you start homeschooling so many new things are thrown at you. You have to navigate your states laws, pick curriculum, decide on your schooling type , and then you start hearing people talk about homeschool coops...and your head is spinning! 
Today we are going to share some information on coops. We are big fans over here at September & Co but we also recognize they aren't for every family. Hopefully after reading through this you will have a better idea if you want to join one or not! 
So what exactly is a homeschool coop? 
It’s a group of homeschool families that gather together for academic or enrichment classes and to cultivate a community and support system. Homeschooling can feel really isolating at times and a coop is a great way to surround yourself with people who are in the same boat as you. 
Are there different kinds of coops? 
Yep! Just like homeschool styles theres lots of different options when it comes to your coop. The most popular are:
All enrichment: Supplemental subjects and field trips
Academic: Core classes to supplement school requirements
Enrichment and Educational: Balance of both
Classical: Classical approach to education; paid tutors, etc
Do I have to attend coop or do I just drop my kids off? 
We strongly believe the best Coop experiences give parents a chance to gather and grow together, as well as teach and be a part of a child's coop experience. With that being said there are options in some places to drop your kid off. Or if that is what you are looking for, maybe explore Hybrid Homeschool options. September & Sarah run an amazing program in Elmira, NY called The Family Enrichment Center. 
How do I find a coop? 
A quick google search of your area is a great place to start or if you are in a local homeschool Facebook group you can ask in there! You will be surprised at the options you find that you had no idea about! Again, if you are local, Sarah & September run two separate coops! You can email for more information. 
We hope this information answers some of your questions. Comment below any other advice or questions you have!