Friday Favorite 2/18

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Happy Friday friends! We hope you have had an amazing week. We are excited to share our Friday Favorites with you this week, we are focusing on amazing books that target motherhood and parenting. We also shared a sneak peek of a new product on our newsletter so make sure you check it out! 
  1. Why Motherhood Matters - September McCarthy. This beautiful book written is encouraging and feels like you are sitting down with your best friend. 
  2. M Is For Mama - Abbie Halberstadt  A new book by our friend Abbie, a biblical approach to motherhood and building each other up. 
  3. Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family - Paul David Tripp.  One of my favorite parenting books, it offers "the big picture" of God's plan for parenthood. 
  4. The Life Giving Home: Creating a Place Of Belonging and Becoming - Sally Clark.  Sally Clark is always a breath of fresh air and such an inspiration to so many when it comes to motherhood and homemaking. 
  5. Feminine Appeal - Carolyn Mahaney This book studies 7 virtues of Titus 2 that can help transform your life. 
  6. Mom Set Free - Jeannie Cunnion A beautiful study to help you reset and leave the impossible standards behind. 
  7. A Mom After God's Own Heart - Elizabeth George Practical tips to help make sure your kids, of all ages, are growing and learning in the Lord. 
  8. The Life Giving Parent - Clay & Sally Clarkson This book shares ways to experience the living God in your home as a family. 
  9. Take Back Your Family - Jefferson Bethke This book tackles burnout and toxic individualism that have been plaguing families for the past few decades. 
  10. Mama Bear Apologetics- Hillary Ferrer. An amazing book to help you empower your kids to fight back when the world opposes biblical world views. 

Have you read any of these? Head over to our Instagram and share some of your favorites! 

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