Friday Favorites 03/11

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This week in our own homeschool I decided to take a few days off of math and the other core studies to focus on character and bible time. The long dreary months of winter caught up to us and honestly we could all use a little attitude adjustment. Thats the beauty of homeschool right though? We can shift and focus on areas that matter or need a little move attention. So today for Friday Favorites I'm sharing my favorite resources to do just this! 

  1. Beginner Creature Character Cards: Our beginner creature character cards are our best selling product and for good reason. They are beautifully designed and your kids will love them. I like to focus on once card for 3-4 days to make sure we have a really good understanding of that specific character trait. 
  2. Chore Tokens. I've learned that if my kids have a visual reminder of chores it makes the process go a lot smoother. I like to add a magnet to the back of these and put them on our magnetic whiteboard, my girls love moving them from their to list to their finished one! 
  3. Character Matters Posters. One of my favorites things hanging in our schoolroom! Sometimes if the day isn't going so well I'll have my oldest read one of them out loud to help us get back on track. These posters aren't only pretty but practical! 
  4. Foundations First Step Memory Verse Cards. I'm going to let you into a little secret, I am HORRIBLE at memorizing scripture and these cards have not only helped my girls but me! We pick one verse a week and focus on it. We use it for our handwriting and recite it during the day. 
  5. Little Learner Bible Matching Game.This is my youngest favorite toy and it's played with all day long. It's nice to take a little break and play a quick game and helps turn grumpy attitudes around. 
  6. Little Learner Bible Go Fish. Now this one is my oldest daughters favorite! She loves reading the bible facts about each character to us when she gets a match. I'm shocked how much she had learned and retained from this game.
  7. Why Motherhood Matters.Gosh ya'll, this book. It's just packed with so much wisdom from September and I find myself pulling it out a lot when I'm feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. It reminds me what a blessing motherhood is. 
  8. The Children's Book Of Virtues. I love pairing stories from this book with the character trait we are focusing on that day. They are beautiful classic pieces of literature your kids will really enjoy. 
  9. The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New.Another amazing book I pair daily with our bible time. Sharing the incredible story of salvation with our kids will never get old. 
  10. Connoisseur Kids. LOVE this book, I will admit I have two little girls so manners and etiquette have been something we have studied since they were little but boys will learn so much too! 

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