Friday Favorites: 3/4

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Happy Friday! Today we are talking about spring and sharing some great products to get you and the kids outside! 


  1. Chalk. If your kids are anything like mine this jumbo pack of chalk is a must. Let their creativity take the lead! 
  2. Nature Journal. I love sending my girls into nature and having them document the things they find. God's beauty is all around us but often overlooked. 
  3. Rain Boots. Spring = mud these rain boots come in a ton of different colors and a cheap. No sense spending a ton of money on boots meant to get muddy!
  4. DIY Bird Feeder.  Kids will love creating their own bird feeder and watching all the birds flock to it. 
  5. Bird Watchers Book.  This book of North American birds is written for kids. It's a perfect addition to keep handy so they can identify all the birds who come to their feeder. 
  6. Binoculars. These binoculars are perfect for kids, they are shock proof and come in a bunch of fun colors. Perfect for bird watching or nature hikes. 
  7. Bubble Set. Is it even spring without bubbles? This 10 piece set has lots of options to entertain!
  8. Walkie Talkies. Send the kids off exploring with these walkie talkies by their side. You can keep one or give each kid their own. 
  9. Garden Seed Starting Kit. Lets your kids start their own seeds and learn to plant their own garden. They will love it and you'll love the responsibility it teaches. 
  10. Gardening tools. Every gardener needs their own tools! 

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