Friday Favorites: April 15th

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This week on Friday Favorites we are exploring some items that make our jobs as moms and homemakers a little easier! It's truly a blessing to be given these jobs but we all know sometimes burn out comes or we have too much to juggle. We hope you can find and item or two on our list to lesson your load a little and maybe breathe a whisper of peace into your life. 

  1. Bissle Crosswave. I will admit this item is a bit of a splurge but Mother's Day is coming up! The Crosswave vacuums and mops at the same time, I'm not sure about you but cleaning my floors seems like a constant battle but this allows me to do it daily and quickly! 
  2. Daily Planner. I love a good planner and really love this Dapper Desk from Emily Ley. It gives a full page for each day and is perfect for scheduling out all of the things! I like to block schedule (we will share a post about that soon) and this planner gives me enough room to do that without being big and bulky. 
  3. Weekly Planner. Two planners in one post? Has this woman lost her mind? But hear me out! I love to use this weekly planner for my homeschool planning and tracking. In my state I have to turn in a portfolio each year and using this planner has helped keep me organized in that area! I've also seen moms using this weekly planner to meal plan which is genius! 
  4. Crock Pot. I use my Crock Pot more than I care to admit but between dance lessons, softball practices, piano, it's sometimes the only way I would ever get dinner on the table! I like to freeze some crockpot recipes so I can take them out the night before and toss them in before we head out. This crockpot is a new color and its stunning!
  5. Insulated Tumbler.We have all seen the coveted Stanley Tumblers on Instagram but they sell out SO FAST! After seeing a few people talk about this Reduce Tumbler from Target I grabbed one to try out. It's awesome! It keeps my ice water cold all day and I've found that I'm drinking a lot more water which makes me feel better! Note this fits in the cup holder in my husbands car but not mine but I don't even care! 
  6. Salad Bento Box. Like drinking water, remembering to eat makes me a nicer mom BUT a lot of times I forget in the craziness of the day. These Salad Bento Boxes are easy to prep the night before and I'm 100 times more likely to eat it! It's also nice that I can throw it in my bag and eat it at the park or on the go. 
  7. Kids Bento Box. A bento box for my kids makes my life even easier! Like mine I can take it with us when we are on the go but also I swear it my kids eat more...maybe it's just mine but they find this fascinating to use and I'm not arguing! 
  8. Journal. This journal is beyond beautiful and they have a lot of options! Journaling is something I want to really be intentional about this year and I think a gorgeous one will help. 
  9. A Comfy Robe. Theres something so peaceful about the mornings. Waking up before anyone else, spending quiet time in the word, and just starting my day off on the right foot. I love a good comfy robe in the mornings and this one is perfect for summer. 
  10. Mom bag. I learned that the best bag for me to carry all of the things is to use a backpack. I can carry school stuff, my laptop, lunches, anything! Doesn't hurt that this bad is so cute! 

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