Friday Favorites: February 4th

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Happy Friday! This week on Friday favorites we are sharing some fun homeschool decor and organizational products! We are so excited for our new poster and reward stickers to launch next week and hope you are too. The feedback on the reveal has been amazing, we have the best community. 
  1. Dry Erase Board. I love having a big magnetic dry erase board in our school room. It makes practicing phonics or math facts plus when its magnetic I can stick our charts on there! 
  2. Rotating Art Supply Caddy. Fill this with your crayons, markers, or whatever supplies you have and set it in the middle of the table for easy access! 
  3. Magazine File Folders. These are a cute and functional way to store books, papers, and supplies. 
  4. Desk Organizer.This is a perfect addition to your desk or if you have older kids working independently at desks. It helps keeps the space organized and everything easy to find! 
  5. Rolling Cart. We shared this on our Tuesday tips but had to share it again. This is one thing all homeschool moms need. 
  6. Clothespin Storage. This may seem like a random one but I love hooking this onto my rolling card so I have easy access to the clothes pins to hang up artwork or other papers! 
  7. Art Rod. Looking for a way to display art and papers? This is my favorite way! These rods are sleek and add the perfect touch to any schoolroom! 
  8. Over The Door Storage. If your schoolroom has a closet or a door you can use having this over the door storage makes life so much easier. I like to store all of our art supplies: paints, brushes, pipe cleaners...the works! 
  9. Character Matters Posters. These make a great addition to any schoolroom! 
  10. Fraction Posters. A perfect poster, add magnets to the back and stick it on your white board! 

Head over to Instagram and tell us some of your favorite homeschool organization items! 

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