Friday Favorites June 10th

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It's been a minute since we have had a Friday Favorites but it's for good reason. We were building our BRAND NEW SITE! We are so excited it's finally live and hope you love it as much as we do! 

But back to our scheduled programing...Friday Favorites. This week we are focusing on Summer Finds for Women! Lots of great clothing, bags, shoes, and more! 

1) Biker shorts.If you have closed the door on this trend let us just try to convince you. They are the summer equivalent of leggings and moms love leggings. They are long, so providing good coverage, and SO comfortable! You'll live in these, if you give them a chance! 

2) Graphic Tees. Another mom staple and luckily for you we just launched 3 of the softest and most beautiful shirts, EVER! 

3) The BEST Sandal. While we are on the topic of comfort here, these sandals are a must have. Affordable but the comfort is next level. 

4) Visor Sun Hat. We are loving the visor trend because it provides great protection from the sun, without sweaty gross hat hair! 

5) Tote Bag. We just launched the Mary Poppins tote bag, that will save your sanity this summer. Load it with snacks, pool supplies, whatever you need! Best part? It washes great. 

6) Sunscreen Face Stick. Don't you DARE forget your SPF this summer. This one makes it super easy to apply. 

7) A Good Book.Theres so many great books out there to add to your list this summer but if you haven't read Why Motherhood Matters, we highly recommend it! 

8) Insulated Tumbler. We know there is a certain tumbler on the internet that is impossible to get but in our humble opinion this one is even better! 

9) Portable Fan. Call us dramatic but sometimes its a little toasty by the pool. This battery operated fan will keep you cool while your kids spend 67 hours a day swimming. 

10) Liquid IV. Theres a lot of varieties but we love keeping these in our tote for those extra hot days. The quickest way to ruin a fun day is to become dehydrated! 

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