Friday Favorites: June 17th

  • 1 min read

It's Friday, it's Friday, it FRIDAY! That means Friday Favorites and this week are sharing all the best summer finds for your kiddos! 

  • Insulated Water Bottle. A little mom hack, fill the water bottle half with water and lay it in the freezer on its side. Then in the AM fill it up the rest of the way. Cold water all day long! 
  • The Best Summer Shoe. These are waterproof, easy to get on off, and our go to every summer! 
  • Lemonade Stand.This is adorable and can be used for play or as a business investment for your mini entrepreneur! 
  • Unicorn Mini Pool.This is PERFECT for your little babes on those hot hot days! 
  • Water Guns.Is it even summer without some water gun fun? 
  • Girls Swimsuit.This is so cute and has a rash guard! 
  • Boys Swim Trunks. Can't even handle how adorable these are! 
  • Kite. Grab a new kite and turn windy days into hours of fun! 
  • Giant Bubble Wands. Okay they are SO cool.
  • Summer Brain Quest. We LOVE these books. They are great review for between grades! 

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