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Manners Cards

12 adorable and colorful woodland creatures with good manners on each card front and definitions on the back.

“I Can” prompts listed to teach and review good manners for each card. 12 Manners Card Pack Includes:

  1. Table Manners
  2. Gratitude
  3. Sportsmanship
  4. Playdates
  5. Courtesy
  6. Greetings
  7. Everyday Manners
  8. Cleanliness
  9. Visiting Others
  10. Hospitality
  11. Interrupting
  12. The Golden Rule

2 sides color cards; gradient color front; printed back.  Rounded Corners 12 per set White Card 14 pt C2S Gloss Coated Paper Packaged in sealable bag for storage and easy access