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Character Education Cards

Character Education Cards

These Character education cards are great to start working on and implementing character education into your life. They can be used in the home for homeschooling, as part of your daily devotions, or just another add to your day.

Each set comes on a ring which makes for easy flipping thru the cards, but also makes them great for taking them on the go, or attaching them to a purse, backpack , or diaper bag. We have 3 sets that you can purchase individually, or we have a combo set where you will receive all 3.

Our sets are:

  • Character Matters: In the Bible
  • Character Matters: In the Home
  • Character Matters: In the World

Each set comes with 25 character traits printed on individual heavy duty, heavy stock, paper. All in alphabetical order. Our combo pack (all three character education sets) comes with 75 character traits.

HOME PACK: (Attentiveness, Availability, Cheerfulness, Confidence, Contentment, Creativity, Decisiveness, Determination, Eagerness, Endurance, Flexibility, Helpfulness, Hospitality, Initiative, Loyalty, Orderliness, Reasonableness, Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Sensitivity, Teachability, Thoroughness, Vulnerability.)

BIBLE PACK: (Compassion, Diligence, Discernment, Faithfulness, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Goodness, Gratefulness, Honestly, Hope, Humility, Joy, Kindness, Love, Meekness, Obedience, Patience, Peace, Prayerfulness, Purity, Self-control, Vision, Wisdom, Worship.)

WORLD PACK: (Alertness, Boldness, Cautiousness, Chivalry, Conservation, Consistency, Courage, Courtesy, Dependability, Discretion, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Generosity, Genuineness, Honor, Integrity, Justice, Optimism, Passion, Persuasiveness, Poise, Punctuality, Tactfulness, Tolerance.)

These Character Education Cards are a must hafor every family.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gina Miller
These are great!

These will be a wonderful addition to our homeschool mornings! I wish they were a little larger, but they're very nicely made.

Tina Vaughn

I never re dived my order

Melissa Baker

My four year old has talked about character concepts several days after we’ve talked about them at dinner. We were so pleasantly surprised!

Helpful Tool!

These character cards are a wonderful tool to use for our homeschool day! A way to teach the traits that we'd love to see in our children but explained from Scripture. A way to explain the WHY behind the behaviors we should be living out! Really enjoying them!

Alexa Murdock
Love Them!

I love having these as resources for my children, so that they can truly understand what it means to have character. Thank you for creating these resources!