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Character Curriculum 

Beautifully Designed Character Education

Interactive & Engaging Character Curriculum Kits

Your one-stop-shop for a "Year of Character" as you intentionally make biblical character education part of your family's discipleship.

Our Character Curriculum includes all the hands on resources for your family to study character traits together all year long! You'll find character education cards, colorful stickers, and interactive activity sheets, each focusing on a unique biblical virtue. These materials are designed by educators and children to ensure they are engaging and age-appropriate

At September and Co, our Character Curriculum is designed to grow with your child. Our Beginner Character Cards are perfect for young learners in PreK through 2nd grade, featuring simple and engaging content that introduces foundational virtues found in scripture. For older children in 3rd grade and up, our Youth Character Cards offer more in-depth exploration of virtues as they grow.

What We Offer!

Activity Packs

We offer Activity Packs that bring virtues to life with hands-on experiences. These packs include coloring sheets, application activities, crafts, a touch of science and history, handwriting practice, and more. They create a fun and engaging learning environment with a delightful blend of educational elements.

Character Education Cards

We offer Character Cards tailored for both Beginner (PreK-2nd grade) and Youth (3rd grade and up) ages. These cards serve as an excellent reference for understanding the definition, application, and scripture related to each virtue.

Stickers and More!

To complement our learning elements, we’ve created sticker charts, vinyl stickers for water bottles, progress-tracking passports, and more. These tools help track progress and encourage application in a fun and engaging way.


For our Youth packs, we offer beautiful posters to hang within your home for visual reminders.


Select Your Curriculum Kit:

  • Character Activity Packs Kit

    In this set, you will receive all 12 of our current Character Activity Packs, shipped directly to your home. Each pack includes engaging activities designed to bring each virtue to life through hands-on learning.
  • Character Activity Packs and Cards Kit

    In this set, you will receive all 12 Character Activity Packs along with the Character Cards. These resources work together to enhance learning by providing a comprehensive understanding of each virtue through activities and reference materials.
  • Full Character Curriculum Kit

    In this pack, you will receive the Activity Packs, Character Cards, a Progress-Tracking Passport, and Stickers for each virtue. This full curriculum provides a complete and engaging learning experience to support your child's moral and emotional development.