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Crafting an Inspiring Morning Basket: A Guided Journey and Our Top Resources

  • 2 min read

Morning Baskets are a powerful tool for families, especially those involved in homeschooling, to start their day off right. This creative tradition is centered around a physical basket filled with educational, spiritual, and character-building resources that families can use together first thing in the morning. This dedicated time promotes unity, provides intellectual nourishment, and sets the tone for a positive and productive day. The beauty of the Morning Basket lies in its flexibility and personalization; it can be tailored to suit any family’s unique faith, values, interests, and educational goals.

We've handpicked an array of our favorite items, spanning a range of categories, that will fill your Morning Basket with profound lessons and a joyful spirit.

  1. The Bible: This is the cornerstone of any faith-focused Morning Basket. Whether your family prefers to read passages aloud together, discuss interpretations, or simply spend quiet time in individual reflection, the Bible serves as a springboard for many meaningful conversations.

  2. Apostles' Creed: Known for its concise summary of Christian doctrines, the Apostles' Creed is a helpful tool for children to understand and memorize key aspects of their faith. Incorporating this into your Morning Basket can facilitate a deeper theological discussion with your kids.

  3. Character Cards: These cards typically feature different character traits, such as kindness, perseverance, or honesty, along with definitions, examples, or discussion questions. They can be a great way to introduce and foster these values in your children's daily lives.

  4. Character Activity Packs: To add a fun, interactive dimension to your Morning Basket, consider character activity packs. These packs can include games, crafts, or role-play scenarios that help children better understand and practice the character trait being focused on.

  5. Manners Cards: Similar to character cards, these aim to teach children about proper etiquette and good manners in various situations. They can make learning social skills both engaging and practical.

  6. Theology & Doxology Cards: These cards can provide a simplified yet comprehensive exploration of theological concepts and principles. Also, they often include hymns or spiritual songs (doxologies), offering a beautiful integration of faith and music to start your day.

  7. Catechisms: Using a children's version of a catechism can make complex ideas more accessible and give your children a solid grounding in your faith tradition.

Remember, the best Morning Baskets are those that align with your family's personal faith journey and educational philosophy. So feel free to mix and match, add and remove items as your family grows and evolves. With each morning that dawns, may your Morning Basket bring a fresh wave of joy, curiosity, and spiritual nourishment to your home.