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Character Development 
Made Fun!

Gain confidence and have fun with a hands on activity kit
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Igniting Character Growth in Kids, 

One Box at a Time.

Welcome to our Character Education Kit. Every month, your Character Kit arrives at your doorstep, packed with exciting and educational content. Inside each box, you'll find a selection of beautifully designed character education cards, colorful stickers, and interactive activity sheets, each centered around a unique virtue. Our content is thoughtfully curated by educators and child to ensure it's age-appropriate and conducive to your child's emotional and moral development. 

Our character education cards, provide a fantastic platform to start meaningful discussions about important virtues with your child. The interactive activity pages are full of fun and engaging activities that further reinforce the learning and provide a practical, hands-on way for your child to understand and apply these virtues. And let's not forget the vibrant stickers - kids love them, and they serve as excellent reminders of each month's virtue!

Order your Character Education Kit today and begin an enriching journey of character building, filled with fun, learning, and a whole lot of heart!

How It Works

  • Choose a plan

    We offer options at various price points and lengths. Pause or cancel anytime.
  • Mail day

    Your Kit will arrive at your door just in time to begin a month focus of character education.
  • Serious fun!

    Dive into heart conversations and hands-on learning together as a family!

What You Get Each Month

Activity Pack

Our fun-filled Character Activity Packs provides engaging tasks designed to reinforce this month's character trait. Try to complete one activity per week!


Place this decorative vinyl sticker in a visible location to remind you of the trait of the month. You could stick it on a notebook, travel cup, fridge, or any other high-traffic area in your home.

Character Education Card

Each month we spotlight a new trait. Read the card together as a family, discuss its importance, and think of ways you can put each character into practice.


This colorful poster is a creative tool that summarizes the trait of the month. Hang it somewhere everyone can see to help internalize this character value

*Youth Pack only


Looking for a Digital Download Subscription?

 Check out our Activity Packs now available as a digital download subscription