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Farmers Market Survival Guide - With Free Printable

  • 2 min read

One of the very best things about summer? FARMERS MARKETS! Do you go to your local markets? Here it's a Friday tradition and something we all look forward to. Fresh produce, flowers, and the best part? It keeps my kids entertained for a bit. If you are Farmers Market newbie though, don't fret, we have some survival tips for you! 

  1. Get there early. All the good stuff is long gone by lunch and also by then it's usually so hot your fun trip out of the house will typically end in a meltdown...by you or the kids. 
  2. Make friends with your favorite vendors! Sign up for their emails or even give them your cell and they'll make sure you don't miss when your favorite products are going to be at market! 
  3. Bring your own bags. Most vendors don't bring bags and theres nothing worse than trying to carry all your goodies around the entire market. I keep a few market totes in my car at all times, don't have one? Don't worry, we have you covered. Grab our newest tote HERE. 
  4. If you have kids who are old enough to walk but sometimes still like a stroller, BRING IT! If they get tired and want a ride its there, if not you have a buggy for all your bags! 
  5. Set a budget and have a plan! Thats why we created you this great freebie, below. The farmers market can get awfully pricey if you go in without a game plan. Before you know it you spend $100 on eggplants and no idea what to do with them. 
  6. Bring cash. Most vendors won't be able to accept cards and even if they can they will LOVE you for paying with cash. Did you know every time someone swipes their card the business has to pay a fee? Plus bringing cash will help you stick to that budget. 
  7. Bring a friend! It's great to meet up with a girlfriend, let the kids play, grab a coffee, and stroll through the market. You get that quality time you need and you can cross some groceries off your list.
  8. Pack a lunch. If your market is a bit of a drive from your house pack a lunch or some snacks. Usually there are food trucks but add up lunch at a food truck every week and there goes that pesky budget we keep talking about. 
  9. Make the kids go to the bathroom first. I feel like most moms don't need this reminder but just incase 
  10. HAVE FUN! The Farmers Market is truly one of my favorite places, right up there with the library. I know the idea of loading kids and going out can be overwhelming but I promise you, it's worth it. Relax and use this to refill your cup a little! 

Don't forget to print off our Farmers Market List to take with you and leave a comment below with your market tips and tricks!