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Cloud In A Jar Experiment

  • 1 min read


What better way to break in your brand new cloud cards than with this fun and simple experiment! This experiment takes about 5 minutes but goes great with the cards! 



  • Hot water (not boiling), you'll need 1 cup per cloud
  • A match
  • 4 ice cubes
  • A mason jar
  • A lid 
  • Pot holder


  • First, pour 1 cup of hot water into your mason jar
  • Light a match and hold It in the opening of the jar for 30 seconds (adult job!) 
  • Drop the match into the jar and screw on the lid
  • Place your ice cubes on top of your lid
  • Wait 2 minutes and observe your cloud! 
  • Remove your lid and watch the cloud escape


If your cloud doesn't form try it again but try these tips!

  • Move a little quicker
  • Make sure your jar is only about 1/3 full of water.
  • If your surface is cold add a pot holder to the bottom. 

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know if you tried this out! Haven't grabbed your Cloud Cards & Poster yet? Grab them here!