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How to Organize Your School Day

  • 2 min read


Homeschool family organizing day

After homeschooling for 25 years, I want to say first and foremost three things about the topic of organizing a school day:


  1. All seasons will be different

  2. Not every family structure will look or be the same

  3. There is no ONE right way


I value diversity in the homeschool world and the privilege we all have to teach our children in a way that works the best for us.

This being said, I have also learned so much about what does work and what does not.  And to be honest, we all have the same and common goal and that is to educate our children while keeping our sanity. We want our children to love learning and I want to see every family thrive in the long run.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be hard days, bad days, or completely frustrating days, but the good will outweigh the hard. I want you to know this.It is important that you hear these words before we talk about the big “O” word of organizing a school day.  Realistic expectations are the first and best tool in your planning and will keep you grounded when you are feeling like it is just not working.


Here are my top tips for organizing anyhomeschool day.


  • Set realistic expectations for your kiddos and for you!
  • Add elements of independence and interaction
  • Plan on using different learning methods
  • Prepare your Homeschool Tool Kit in advance
  • Set a time to wrap up your school work
  • Set up learning stations for different subjects; not everything is learned from a workbook
  • Utilize the Rotating Principle of three (3): Group Studies, Independent Work, Responsibilities
  • Begin the day with a morning focus time
  • Keep your learning tools in front of you for reminders and easy access; not tucked away neatly
  • Save the tricky subjects for one on one time
  • Add household responsibilities into your school routine (Rotate the Principle of 3)
  • Don’t forget that learning includes exploration, creativity, exercise and independence
  • Get into a strong routine as a family
  • Create a Morning Basket to cover areas you do not want to use an entire curriculum for:

(Character, Scripture Memory, Bible, Read Aloud, Music, Poetry)


Homeschool Kids theology cards

Do not let the word “organize,” scare you away.


 A homeschool day with multiple kiddos, ages and grades is never going to look or feel organized.

It is the learning that is organized. And this is why remembering that every day is going to lookand feeldifferent and most likely, yes, CHAOS.

Learning is a lifestyle. I say this all of the time. Weaving the DNA of learning into your every day. 

You’ve got this. Go for it.  Start your Homeschool Tool Kit today.

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Our work is your gain.  Organized just for you!