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How to Wrap Up a School (Homeschooling) Year

  • 3 min read

 Wrapping up school year


Here we are. At the end of a mixed up, hybrid, half of this and half of that type of school year.

Some of us have crossed the finish of line of books and curriculum and some of us can see it in the distance.


Last week, while I was asking my granddaughter to finish writing out her spelling list, her thoughts were on the scene outside her window. She was watching the little squirrel run across the deck and up the tree. The trees were dropping their petals and the sun was luring her attention to everything BUT her spelling list.


I repeated her name to draw her back to her school work.

She snapped out of the far-gone thoughts and brought her attention back to me, and said, "Nonna, can we just be done?" 


I think this sums up how we are all maybe feeling inside right about now?

Removed. Thinking ahead. Weary and ready to call it quits. And even if you homeschool year around, there are other things calling our names every single May.

There is the nice weather, friend play dates, house projects, trips, hikes, relaxing and everything that doesn't include sitting at a desk and being drawn to the other things.


May brings a lot of reflection, contemplation and sometimes anticipation.

I am in awe that we can feel and think so many things at the same time.


My new boxed curriculum arrived in the mail while I was out of town last week.

My husband called me and asked me if I wanted him to open it.

I told him an emphatic no.

I had been anticipating its arrival and was so excited to open it.

What is it about the planning, the prep, the ordering and the arrival of the new curriculum every single year?

It brings so much excitement, anticipation and expectation.

And yet, now it is sitting unopenedon my school room floor.



I have two piles growing on my school room floor right now.


One: Completed school books to be packed away.

Two: New books still boxed waiting to be opened.



It occurred to me that most of us are adding to one of those two piles every day right now.


The past or present of a homeschooling year…


What is to come…


Here's the thing: WHY haven't I opened those new books yet?

What happened to that excitement of the ordering, the arriving, the newness of another year?


How do we finish well while weary and still anticipate with eagerness what is to come?


I have realized that we all need to CELEBRATE the year we are finishing before we can begin again. 


I would encourage you to encourage reflect, give thanks and celebrate the following areas of your School year:


What have we learned?

What grace have I been given?

What have I given?

What is the goodness we have experienced?

What gatherings have we been gifted?

What is the goodness of the Lord from this year?


It was BECAUSE of God we can it all gain.

All grace.

All the giving and gathering and giving.

It is because of God.


Two different piles.


To do.


Before we put away, throw away, and start again:

We can celebrate the Greatness in it ALL.

The tears, the stretching, the sickness, the growing, the learning, the friendships, the time together, the papers and pencils worn thin, the endless reminders to get it done…

Are almost done.


And then what?


The excitement in opening new curriculum or sharpening new pencils, setting up a school area or registering them with a school and gathering supplies, backpacks, packing lunches and starting fresh:


That excitement comes back around when and IF we remember.

The Greatness of it ALL.

Celebration begins with thankfulness. Remembering. Even the hard.

It begins with prayer and a knowledge that goes beyond the books.

It is a deep well spring of knowing we gave what we could and did our best and He will use it all.


Let's celebrate the greatness, the grace, the giving, the gain (and for many the losses) and the gathering.


We celebrate because we need to remember all HE has done for us. In us and through us.

 Because part of homeschooling and living a life of generational investment is the giving.

 Celebrate and remember, so, tomorrow and in the fall, we can start again.