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What is a Morning Basket

  • 3 min read



This is the big question today. What IS a morning basket and why is everyone talking about it? A morning basket is YOUR personal compilation of focused areas and resources you hope to integrate into your daily routines.


You don't have to homeschool to have a morning basket. You don't have to have the same morning basket your friend has and you don't have to use your morning basket in the morning. The whole focus is to gather the books, resources, manipulatives, pictures, music or anything new and exciting and fun that will capture your children's attention as you gather together.

 We use our morning basket in the morning, but some families save this time for post-naps, the dinner table or after school.

You aren't breaking the rules by choosing to use your morning basket past noon.

 We see the morning basket as a time to set the tone and focus for our day. We choose themed resources for the day or the week, based and focused around the areas we are already learning about in our home or school. We find this time together is valuable for bringing the ages of our children together at one time and for teaching the areas that do not need separate learning times for.


Let's talk about the benefits:

  • Sets the tone for your day (mood, attitudes, character, positive learning, great discussions and family unity)
  • Allows your children time to prepare for learning before jumping into the challenging subjects
  • Teaches your kiddos areas of the fine arts, character, Bible, read-alouds, poetry and more with creativity and engagement
  • Integrates focused learning areas without taking extra time during the day
  • Teaches attentiveness and engagement while learning
  • Introduces great new literature and fun supplements you would not normally have time for in a day



Let's talk about how to use your morning basket:

  • Pick a special basket to hold your items and keep out and handy
  • Choose what areas you find fit into the benefits descriptions above
  • Rotate your morning basket contents daily or weekly
  • Keep a shelf or tote with rotation items and only keep what you are currently using in your basket at one time
  • Establish the time that works best for your family focus
  • Pick one or two items from your basket a day; you don't have to use everything every day
  • Choose your time and the length of time you will spend on this (this is NOT school and should not be turned into a full-fledged teaching time that our kiddos begin to dread)
  • Keep is simple, interesting and engaging
  • Keep your basket on your table or in a place that is convenient and a good reminder
  • Ask your kids to get involved; let them read, teach, hold the items, use experiments, memorize poems, and more
  • Make this a time they look forward to; including resources that interest everyone and keep them engaged
  • Use this time to have the discussions and heart-focused areas you know your family needs. They are your captive audience during this time



Let's talk about what can go in your morning basket:


The most important thing to know about your Morning Basket time is this:

This is YOUR time with YOUR children and you can choose what to pull from your basket every day. Whether it is ten minutes or 30 minutes, use this time to focus on what you feel is best for your family and your day.

Enjoy your morning basket times together. Someday, this time will be the one consistent and most memorable learning and gathering times your family will remember!