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Episode 5: Balancing Motherhood and Personal Identity

  • 1 min read


In this heartfelt episode of the Dear Mom podcast, we dive into the intricate balance between motherhood and personal identity with the September and Co team - September, Sarah, and Chelsea. They open up about their journeys to find their identity in Christ amid the ever-changing seasons of motherhood. Through candid discussions, they explore the process of sanctification, not just as individuals but alongside their children, embracing the growth and learning that comes with it.
Personal stories are shared full of struggle and triumph, shedding light on the often-overlooked aspects of motherhood that challenge one's sense of self. They offer practical advice and strategies to help mothers navigate this complex terrain without losing sight of who they are beyond their role as caregivers.
This episode is more than just a conversation; it's an invitation to reflect on your own journey through motherhood and personal growth. Whether you're in the throes of parenting challenges or celebrating small victories, September, Sarah, and Chelsea's experiences and insights are sure to resonate and uplift.
Tune in to be reminded of the strength and identity found in Christ, the importance of nurturing oneself while nurturing others, and the beautiful dance of growing in faith and motherhood. This is an episode full of encouragement, wisdom, and the shared understanding that you are not alone on this journey.