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Youth Full Character Curriculum Kit

All 12 Youth activity packs

Character cards

Youth vinyl sticker bundle

1 passport


This is our comprehensive youth curriculum set, perfect for growing learners. Here’s what you get:

  1. All 12 Youth Activity Packs

  2. Youth Character Cards

  3. Youth Vinyl Sticker Bundle

  4. 1 Progress-Tracking Passport (additional passports can be added on)

At September and Co., our character curriculum includes a variety of resources such as character education cards, colorful stickers, and interactive activity sheets, each focusing on a unique virtue. These materials are curated by educators and children to ensure they are age-appropriate and foster your child’s emotional and moral development. Bring home these engaging tools to enhance your family’s educational journey.

Our character curriculum is designed to grow with your child. Our Beginner Character Cards are perfect for young learners in PreK through 2nd grade, featuring simple and engaging content that introduces foundational virtues. For older children in 3rd grade and up, our Youth Character Cards offer more in-depth exploration of virtues, tailored to their advanced understanding and emotional development.

Virtues Included:

  1. Attentiveness

  2. Cheerfulness

  3. Helpfulness

  4. Honesty

  5. Diligence

  6. Obedience

  7. Gratefulness

  8. Kindness

  9. Love

  10. Patience

  11. Respect

  12. Self-Control

Invest in the Full Character Curriculum Bundle to provide a solid foundation of virtues for your child's growth and development.

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