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A Mother's Day Message From September

  • 2 min read


To the woman who has raised her children, watched her grandchildren be born and is living in the fruit of her investment…Happy Mother’s Day.

To the woman who has lost her own mother and is living in the sadness and joy of memories this year…You are loved.

To the woman who knows barrenness or loss. You mother heart is seen and is never alone. This day is for the hope you hold dear to your heart and does not go unnoticed.

To the woman surrounded with noise, clutter, laughter and littles…your family may not celebrate you well this year, but the love you are investing now is enough and will some day bear more fruit that one day of the year of celebration. Hold tight mama. We see and celebrate you.

To the woman estranged from her mother and living with the pain of brokenness, please remember that a mother’s heart cannot sometimes bear those very things that require a giving unrecognizable. Grace and mercy are your comfort today. We understand and hope you can find a peace in this place.

To the woman some call mother, as she welcomed them into her home, arms and heart… your sacrifice and your love is an infinite example of His adoption of us all. You inspire us.

To the woman called mama, mother, mom… in any way, in any form, by any child, to anyone….
You are giver, lover, friend, constant, helper, comforter, peace- maker and the most important life giving, life- changing person some may ever know and have.

Happy Mother’s Day.

“Blessed is the woman who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in His commands.Her children will be mighty in the land, the generation of the upright will be blessed.Even in the darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious & compassionate & righteous woman.Surely she will never be shaken, a righteous woman will be remembered forever.She will have no fear of bad news, her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. Her heart is secure, she will have no fear.” Psalm 112 (altered)