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A Q&A With Our Founders!

  • 3 min read

If you have been around for awhile then you know September & Co was started by a mother and daughter duo, how cool is that? We thought it would be fun to a do a little Q&A with them this week to help you get to know them better and their hopes and dreams for September & Co! 

  •  Tell us a little bit about each of you.


I am a high-functioning introvert in a very social world. I have been married for 32 years, have ten children, ages 30-11, and have 9 grandchildren. I have homeschooled for 26 years, written a book, Why Motherhood Matters, and direct a Hybrid Homeschooling Center. I speak nationally and have a passion for learning and the process of homeschooling children with their individual interests and learning styles. I love walks ad hikes and spending time with family.


I grew up wanting to be a mom but also wanting to be a successful business gal. Im an enneagram 3, which means i'm super goal driven and sometimes that makes being a mom and multi-business owner difficult. I don't give myself a lot of grace. I am learning. I graduated high school and started a full time photography business. I did that for 7 years till Chronic neurological lyme made being available for clients very difficult. I have been married for 7 years. My husband is a Pastor at our church. Together we have 5 kiddos ages 2-7. two boys biologically and then we went thru a 3 yr foster care process and adopted our 3 daughters. Together we homeschool our kiddos and our greatest mission is to raise them to love the Lord and love his people. I run September and Co with my mom and we also started a hybrid homeschooling center together. Life has become busy balancing all the kiddos, homeschooling and work, but it's a true gift to get to work from home, work with family, and create resources for my kids, and my friends kids, and so many others.


  • What made you want to start September & Co?


September & Co. began with a file folder full of concepts, ideas and handmade helps I had been creating and using for raising my own ten children over the past three decades. I would travel to Conferences and speak and the requests for the topics and resources I would refer to in my workshops began to grow, and Sarah shared that there was a demand for those helpful resources. So, I took pen and paper and translated them to a designer and September & Co. went from my files to other families. My heart is for the generations and I absolutely love knowing that the resources for families will be used beyond our home and family.


I think my desire to see September and Co started was multi-layered. A part of it was wanting to help get these incredible resources that I knew were inside my moms heart and head, out to the world. and the other part was to be that person who could take Septembers vision and dream and make it a reality. It's been incredible to see both happen thru starting this company.


  • What are your dreams for the company?  

Our dreams for the company are to be in box stores and to see the products turn into full home "kits" for every home and "not just homeschooling," families.


  • What has been the hardest part of starting a business? 


For me, the hardest part of starting a company was managing the ground level personal financial investment and wishing we could create all of my ideas and resources at once Growing small first is so important.


The hardest part of starting a company was balancing all the different business elements with no team behind you.- Finance, product creation, shipping, marketing, branding (etc). Now we have a great team of girls who work with us and it's incredible.