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Bringing The Old Testament To Life

  • 2 min read

Here at September & Co we are always trying to create resources that make learning fun and enjoyable for your family and our bible items do just that. Today we are going to break down some of the items and how we use them with our own families to make their love of learning scripture lifelong. 

This classic card game gets a makeover with people from the old testament. A great way to get little engaged. Have them read the description of each character they match and you'll be amazed how quickly they start to retain these important character facts. 


Matching Card Game 

A favorite for all kids! Our old testament memory game is a must have for little learners. Each time someone makes a match take the time to explain the importance of that image or share a story about it from the bible. 

Coloring Pages

Try adding in our beautifully illustrated coloring pages to your morning bible routine or when you need to keep the kids busy for 10 minutes. 

Little Learners: Old Testament 

Enjoy easy to follow lessons that highlight 12 important characters in the old testament. This book takes the guess work out of it for you and gives you beautiful images and literature to teach your kids. 

Little Leander Bible Bundle

Each of these items are available individually or conveniently packaged together in our Little Leaner Bible Bundle. Our hope is that you feel confident in teaching your children about the old testament while having fun doing it! 

Head over to our Instagramand share your favorite ways to use these items or other tips you might have for teaching the old testament, we can't wait to hear!