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Beginning the Reading Journey

  • 2 min read
One of the biggest questions and intimidations to new homeschool moms is teaching their kids to read. We get it, it can be scary and a little overwhelming when you are just starting out but it can also be one of the most beautiful and rewarding parts of homeschool. Today we thought we would share some popular programs that come highly recommended from veteran homeschool moms. 
Before you even begin to think about site words and readers, letters recognization is the first step. We love using our ABC Letter Flashcards for this.  Start this process as early as you want and you'll be amazed at how quickly toddlers can pick our and identify letters. 
Once your child can identify all their letters you are ready to start a phonics program. We asked all the moms here at September and Co what programs they love but its important to remember, as with all curriculums, there are many choices and sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find one that works with your teaching style and your kids learning preference! That is one of the best parts of homeschool, when something isn't working you can adjust and find something that does! 
    1. Abeka is one of the most popular Christian homeschool curriculums and for good reason. It provides an amazing education to students and really sets up parents for success in teaching their kids. They offer all subjects and their phonics program is top notch. 
    2. All About Readingis another popular program. Its marketed as a multi sensory program with lessons lasting about 20 minutes a day! Its teachers manual is another one that really sets parents even the ones who are terrified to teach phonics. 
    3. Good and Beautiful is a program that encompasses phonics & reading, spelling, grammar, literature, and art. It's a quick open and go curriculum and very loved. 
    4. Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons is a an open and go program that provides 100 twenty minute lessons to get your kid reading. This book has become increasingly popular and well known in the homeschool community. 
    5. Horizons Phonics & Reading another company thats been around for a long time is Horizons. They offer phonics and reading that comes in colorful worksheets and an easy to follow teacher guide.

These are just a few choices when it comes to phonics curriculums but we hope it will give you a good start. Another favorite thing we like to do is keep Sight Words with us and throughout the day use them as a fun game and learning tool. Sitting at the park? Stuck at big sister practice? Grab your site words and get to town!  A little parenting tip: keep a baggie of mini marshmallows or another fun snack to reward them as your play. We know teaching phonics and building strong readers if scary but we promise it doesn't have to be!