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In The Kitchen With Kids

  • 2 min read


Some of the best lessons can be learned in the kitchen not to mention the memories. However, it's easy to get overwhelmed when we bring our kids into the kitchen with us but the benefits will forever outweigh the moments of madness. We talk a lot about character here at September & Co and getting our kids in the kitchen is a great way to bring those traits to life. 

Today we will share a few tips on making time in the kitchen with kids stress free! 

  • Plan ahead! Get all of your ingredients and tools around and ready to go before you bring the kids in. If your kids are old enough to start learning measurements leave that part for them. 
  • Set the tone. Get some music playing that you all love or get yourself a hot cup of coffee. Just simply set the area up for joy! 
  • Allow the messes to happen. Listen we get it, no mom wants another mess to clean up but if you are stressing about that along the way you will miss out on the memories. 
  • Involve the kids in the clean-up. Just as you made following the recipe important give clean up that same respect. 
  • Don't overdo it. It's easy to get a little carried away on Pinterest pinning away beautiful treats and fancy meals. However, when you are bringing your kids into the kitchen, keep it simple. 

Have you ever checked out our Character Matters cards? It's a 3 pack set of cards with each set giving you 25 cards to show you practical and biblical ways to teach character traits to your kids. We have Character Matters: In the Bible, Character Matters: In the Home and Character Matters: In the World. These cards are a great starting point for implementing character education into your life.

We hope this post will inspire you to get in the kitchen with kids! Print out our free bread recipe below and get baking!