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Beginner Character Activity Pack - Diligence

We introduce to you the Beginner DILIGENCE Character Pack! 

We created TWO sets for you to bundle with your Character Cards and Creature Cards. One set pairs with the Orange Character Matters Cards and the other pairs with the Skunk Creature Card - Both teaching Respect

Each set has the activities for you to use and cover the Character Cards from the shop, including:

  1. Handwriting

  2. Coloring

  3. Science and Nature facts

  4. Story-time with actions

  5. Action Steps and interactive pages for your students to show respect to others

  6. Respect Checklist with ways to practice showing respect

  7. Bible focus

  8. Questions to further your Character Matters discussions

  9. Paired and coordinating with the I Can's and I Will's on the Character Cards

  10. And so much more!

Each unique pack can be purchased separately, together or bundled with the Character Packs.

We have never been more excited to introduce you to the fullest potential of teaching and modeling character in the home!

These are sold:

  1. Individually

  2. Together

  3. Bundled with Character Cards

  4. 15 sheets printed 1 side in color -

  5. Cello pouch wrapped with chipboard in collated sets 

  6. Sheets printed 1 side in color, 8.5 x 11 White 60# Digital Opaque Text, 15 sheets, 

  7. Color print 1 on 1 side


Inside each activity pack, you'll find interactive activity sheets, each centered around a unique virtue. Our content is thoughtfully curated by educators and child to ensure it's age-appropriate and conducive to your child's emotional and moral development. 

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