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Hello Summer! Now What?

  • 2 min read


bored kids in the summer


Free time is great. That is, until we have too much of it and then the word we all dread hearing begins to surface. B-O-R-E-D!


"I'm bored." These two words are basically banned in our home and when they slip out "accidentally," we exchange the words for a job or chore.

As wonderful and coveted as summer is for all of us, we almost dread that moment of "too much free time."


We want your summer to be successful! Not just for your kiddos, but for you and your family as well! We have created a list of ideas as a backup plan for those hair-pulling moments. Everyone has them! We know summer is the land of opportunity and freedom, but we also know that entertaining our kids 24/7 is impossible, and quite honestly, not doing them a favor.


Boredom can be a good thing. Learning how to navigate it wisely and creatively is the key.

  1. Have a "Boredom Buster List," in your back-pocket (not literally, but you know what we mean.) Being prepared with boredom busters is KEY to avoiding frustration and summer burn-out. Check out our Boredom Buster List coming soon!
  2. Mix up your summer weeks with a combination of: service opportunities, projects, friend play-dates, rest time, reading, day trips, new skills, character training, memory work, a new life skill, day camps and FUN, of course!
  3. Remember, your job is to not solely entertain your kids throughout the summer. Make time for yourself and YOUR friends. Time flies!
  4. Get those books out and slot out 30 minutes- 1 hour a day (or more,) for reading and quiet time. Set up a special reward system for summer reading.
  5. Cook with them. Try new and healthy recipes and make extra for the meal you will deliver to a friend or neighbor.
  6. Write out a list of paying jobs and post this where everyone can see it. This can be summer projects or chore training concepts. The reward can be monetary or a treat.
  7. Get outdoors and explore.
  8. Start a special garden area and allow your kiddos to have a small space and watch their own plants grow.
  9. Set up "stations," in your home for summer learning. Solar system, painting from videos, chalk art,
  10. Begin teaching and training in the areas lacking in your home and children and even your parenting. The school year is such a busy time and many of us feel the stretch of time and frustration in lack of time to follow through and actually show our kids how to do a chore, while applying character. Summer is the BEST time for this!


Summer is for everyone!. Enjoy your time and enjoy your kids, but embrace the opportunities to balance busy and rest!

Stay tuned for our Boredom Buster List as a free PDF!