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What do I REALLY need to start school?

  • 3 min read


 I remember my first few years (actually, the first ten years,) and the anxiety and overwhelmed feelings I would experience not knowing if I was choosing the best options for our homeschool year or for my kiddos. ONE vital lesson I have learned over the years as a homeschooling mama of 25 years, is this:


  It is not ALL about the curriculum, as much as having a vital and meaty TOOLKIT! The foundational learning tools you will use on repeat daily, even if you miss the mark on curriculum or miss lessons.

The must-have's fall into a different category than what works, because that is going to be different for every family.

 So, if you're asking, "Someone please tell me what I REALLY need to homeschool this year?"

We are here to help!

  There will be a lot of ads and big curriculum companies telling you what you absolutely must have to have on your school supply checklist. As much as we love your support, we are all about supporting YOU. We have a myriad of shop items we know your family will love to use this year, but our main goal is to point you to those things that will be the BEST part of your Homeschool Toolkit!


Here are our thoughts and recommendations.

Your Homeschool Toolkit from our Shop:

  1. Binder Bundle – TOP Resource for ages 3-12.
  2. Fraction Poster – telling time, money, use in the kitchen and of course fractions!
  3. Pledge Posters: Do you integrate these into your School Day?
  4. Elementary Kit: This is new and quite honestly has EVERYTHING you will need to begin school for the younger years.
  5. Pencil grips
  6. Sheet protectors for your Binder Bundle pages
  7. Dry Erase markers (small grip/fine point)


 There are a lot of NEW goodies in the shop right now. Check them out. But, if you are new to homeschool and feeling overwhelmed with lists and the choices bombarding you right now, we hope this simplifies your shopping and work when you scroll through the options!

  And as an added BONUS to your planning this year, here are more ideas for you to add to your Wish List:


Set up and Tool Kit:

  • Computers (Keyboarding, Subjects: Self-Paced Courses, Research, Music lessons, Art Studies, Subject Rotations)
  • Group Study Kits
  • Manipulatives for Independent Work
  • Binders with laminated sheets for Morning Seat Work and Review, Learning Styles
  • Flashcards vs. On-line Quizzing: Hands-on, Buddy System, Learning Styles, Books of the Bible, Math facts, phonics
  • Morning Basket: Group Studies, Electives, Foundation Verse Cards
  • Art Corners and Skill Sets: Group Studies, Classical Integration from Subjects
  • Memory Work: Flashcards, Binders, Fill in the blanks
  • Chore Rotations, Zones - Mastery of all skills in home
  • Character Tools
  • Printables File: Devotions, Report Cards,
  • Maps and Laminated Review Sheets for Geography
  • Classic Readers and Phonics Basics for Daily Review, Buddy System, Independent Study


The first step to any organization in your homeschool day, is to assess your strengths and weaknesses. To evaluate your children's needs and your personal schedule. Every family is different and the lists above are TOOLSto help you implement time saving techniques and available resources that will now be handy and quick to access when you need the support.


For more help is assessing your needs and a great starting point, be sure to take the Homeschool Parent's Report Card to grade yourself and fine-tune where you biggest needs of organization truly are.  


Take a deep breath and begin slow. You've got this!